Drawing of a girl's hair blowing in the wind; labeled 'Emily's Gallery'
Click the photo to watch it being drawn!
Welcome to my final project for my Web Publishing class at St. Joseph's Academy! I've been creating art for my whole life and I figured I would collect some of the most interesting/best pieces. The portraits link includes a self portrait as well as two other portraits I made as gifts for others. The paintings link is two canvas paintings I made about Anna Karenina. I took multiple art classes in middle school, so I included some of my projects from that as well as a project I created in my middle school shop class. Next is a time lapse of me drawing. Then there is a section for little extra doodles and creations I've made on scrap papers. The table is a table of different mediums I've used. And the final page is a few impressionist paintings that inspire me!

If you have an idea of something you want me to draw or paint, I do commissions. Send me an email of the colors/style/medium/subject you want and we can discuss it!